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Users' Guides to Evidence-Based Practice

The following is the complete set of Users' Guides originally published as a series in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). The CHE continues to maintain the full text pre-publication version of this series on behalf of the Evidence-Based Medicine Working Group with permission from the journal. See the Disclaimer and Copyright for more information.

The individual articles are listed below and can be viewed in their entirety by clicking on their titles.

Please note that all tools formerly associated with the Guides below - including calculators, worksheets, and additional educational materials - have been removed. These features have been enhanced and re-introduced in a new interactive website, Access to the site is available by subscription through JAMA.


Evidence-Based Medicine: A New Approach to Teaching the Practice of Medicine [text only] Why Users’ Guides? [text only]
How to Get Started [text only]

Primary Studies

Therapy or Prevention [text only] Harm [text only]
Diagnosis [text only] Prognosis [text only]

Integrative Studies

Overview [text only] Screening [text only]
Clinical Decision Analysis [text only] Computer-Based Clinical Decision Support System [text only]
Clinical Practice Guideline [text only] Surrogate Endpoints [text only]
Health Care Recommendations [text only] Class Effect [text only]
Variations in the Outcomes of Health Services [text only] Integrating Research Evidence [text only]
Clinical Utilization Review [text only] Electronic Health Information Resources [text only]
Health-Related Quality of Life Measurements [text only] Clinical Prediction Rules [text only]
Economic Analysis [text only] Qualitative Research [text only]
Applicability of Clinical Trials Results [text only] Clinical Manifestations of Disease [text only]
Disease Probability for Differential Diagnosis [text only] Applying the Users' Guides [text only]
Treatment Recommendation [text only]    

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