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Internet Desktops

The Centre for Health Evidence (CHE) uses a number of Internet technologies to build and support Virtual Learning, Practice and Research Communities. VIVIDESKô Internet desktops are a core enabling technology. These online information environments provide a single point of access to a wide variety of resources such as electronic textbooks, journals, databases, evidence-based medicine curricula, presentations, communications, and multimedia. CHE desktops facilitate practice-based evidence, continuing professional development and efficient use of electronic information resources.

The VIVIDESK technology allows us to:

  • provide secure, private, authenticated online information environments
  • integrate knowledge resources with learning and practice tools
  • provide custom resource packages for different groups
  • promote interactive collaboration, learning and teaching
  • facilitate access to multiple licensed resources via a single-sign-on
  • monitor resource use, integrate evaluation activities and support quality improvement and research.

Authorized users of a CHE desktop have access to a customized package of resources developed to help them work with information of many types, from many sources, using multiple technologies, in a "best of breed" integrated suite. This package provides a set of relevant resources optimized for particular domains (family practice, pediatrics, radiology, long term care, etc...), learners (researchers in training, policy makers), professions (nursing, dietitians) and practice locations (community-based, hospital-based, University-based, etc...). The package can be further customized for different levels of users, such as learners, practitioners or facilitators.

VIVIDESKô is used by CHE to orchestrate other best-of-breed Internet technologies. These can include hypertext (HTML, XML), Component (ActiveX, Java), Remote Desktop Protocols (Terminal Server, Citrix), Internet Conferencing, Streaming Video, Messaging and other products. VIVIDESKô takes care of user authentication, security, single sign-on, and information sharing between different software applications.

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