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About the Centre for Health Evidence

Qwogo Inc. is a knowledge-based provider of communication and collaborative technology solutions and services. With over 4 decades of experience spanning health care, education, business and research, Qwogo unites people, knowledge and software.

As a University of Alberta affiliated corporation that formed as a spinout from the Centre for Health Evidence (CHE), Qwogo combines solid e-Learning technology acumen with a healthy dose of innovation. For over 10 years, the CHE was an official Centre within the University of Alberta, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry. Initially under the portfolios of e-Learning and informatics, the CHE developed a number of e-Learning integration and delivery technologies, unified in a Learning Community Management System suite. As these technologies grew in popularity, power and presence, the CHE built a robust information technology research and development unit. This group released a new series of integrative technologies over the last two years, serving as a flexible and extendable platform for diverse e-learning innovations.

Facing increasing demand and opportunity, the CHE collaborated with the University of Alberta to create conditions for a smooth transition of the CHE research and development unit to a new university-affiliated and owned corporate entity. The CHE completed it's transition to Qwogo in January 2013 and continues to support partners and clients under this new organizational framework. The result of this transition is the freedom to work within business funding and contracting norms while gaining the nimbleness needed to fulfill the promise of the new technologies and the exciting visions of our partners and clients.

CHE Mission

The Centre for Health Evidence was established to help patients, practitioners, and policy makers:

Know what to do

because quality knowledge resources are assembled, integrated and packaged using simple, user-specific, Internet desktops

Do what is known

because online aids help users assess problems, ask questions, and acquire, appraise, and apply knowledge

Understand what is done

because information use is monitored and managed

CHE Vision

The Centre for Health Evidence (CHE) will lead the way for health service providers toward unparalleled excellence in decision support, learning enhancement, practice-based evidence, and innovative research.

For more information, visit our Project Page, or read our Progress Report.

The Centre for Health Evidence is proud to be part of the University of Alberta.